Aims & responsibilities

Folgende Prinzipien werden bei der Umsetzung der Zielstrategien berücksichtigt:

  • Prinzip der Nachhaltigkeit: d.h. Maßnahmen werden so geplant u. umgesetzt, dass auch künftige Generationen dieselben Entfaltungsmöglichkeiten haben.
  • Prinzip der Beteiligung der Bevölkerung: ist bei allen Maßnahmen bestmöglich zu berücksichtigen.

Durch Öffentlichkeitsarbeit wird für die Maßnahmen/Aktionen sensibilisiert.

1. Conservation of nature & landscape
The natural environment is to be protected in its diversity and beauty and the cultural landscape is to be preserved through sustainable usage.
2. Tourism/recreation
The area designated as Nature Park is to offer attractive and well kept recreational facilities (e.g. hiking trails, adventure playgrounds).
3. Education (more specifically environmental education)
The interconnectedness between nature and culture should be experienced by the visitor and supported through educational programs (e.g. interpretive trails, guided tours, exhibitions etc.)
4. Research
As the University’s Center for Alpine Research in Obergurgl has been conducting environmental research intensely for more than 50 years in the Nature Park, it is a particularly important area in the Ötz valley. Nature Park Ötztal supports this applied research.
5. Regional development
The Nature Park is to enhance regional economic development through projects and initiatives (e.g. direct marketing, raising awareness, public relations, etc.) ÖTZTAL NATURE PARK should create a brand name for itself and thereby bring added value to the region.