What are (invasive) neophytes?

Neophytes are plants which immigrated to new areas as a result of people’s actions following the discovery of America (1492). There are intentionally introduced plants (e.g. ornamental plants such as butterfly bush) and such which were spread unintentionally.


When the accidentally introduced plants multiply under their own power so strongly that they displace native plants, they are called invasive neophytes.


List of invasive neophytes in Tirol


Why are we searching for neophytes in Ötztal? Ötztal, thanks to its special location, has been “relatively spared” from invasive neophytes. That’s why it makes sense here to know places in which such “new plants” occur in order to prevent them from spreading as early as possible. Because more eyes can see more, we ask Ötztal residents to please assist with this! Please report to us locations of spotted goldenrods (profile goldenrod) and copper tops (profile copper tops) with photos and GPS coordinates or precise location. We will then take relevant measures.


Thank you for your assistance! Please report spotted goldenrods and copper tops to: