• Peak Conquest - Hochgutegg
  • Peak Conquest - Hochgutegg

    Von 14-06-2018 bis 27-09-2018
    immer wöchentlich

    A very idyllic but quite demanding hiking trail leads uphill to rustic Nisslalm hut at 2051 m above sea level. You have already reached the treeline, therefore picture-book views of the surrounding valleys, Alpine cirques and summits await you here. Once on top of the peak at 2336 m, you will be surprised by the huge glacial polish areas. All these "visible marks" witness the mighty power of glacier moraines which have pushed, moved and formed the rocks and landscapes over thousands of years. A beautiful place to take a rest and enjoy the scenery...


    intermediate hike
    (time: 5 hrs, ↑↓ 750 m)

    Gries – Nisslalm – Hochgutegg – Nisslalm – Gries
    08.30 Uhr, Ötztal Tourismus-Information Längenfeld, RETURN approx. 3.45 pm in Längenfeld
    ankle-high hiking boots, rainwear, food and drink
    adults € 7,.0/children € 5.00 free for guests staying at Naturpark Park and Ötztal Premium Card Partner Hotels <br><br>bus Längenfeld - Gries (return): € 3.00/Person free for Ötztal Premium Card und Ötztal Card holders
    certified nature park hiking guide

    Ötztal Tourismus-Information Längenfeld, T +43 (0)57200 300, at all Ötztal Information Offices or in your accommodation by Wednesday 6.00 pm