• Archaeological Loop Trail
  • Archaeological Loop Trail

    Von 30-06-2019 bis 09-09-2019
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    What was the reason why men conquered the high Alpine areas after the Ice Ages some 10,000 years ago? Are there still any traces left in the rear Ötztal valley? The area surrounding Obergurgl boasts many archaeological treasures deeply steeped in history. The outstanding Archaeological Loop Trail in Obergurgl travels past the "Beilstein" pasturelands used as resting place by Stone Age hunters more than 9,000 years ago. What's more, Beilstein is one of the most renowned high Alpine excavation sites and research centers. Headhigh copper steles in three languages explain the region's most important historical facts in the surroundings of Gurgl – a highly fascinating travel back in time.


    intermediate hike
    (time: 4 hrs, ↑↓ 400 m)

    Obergurgl – Ramolweg - Küppelealm – Beilstein – Stone Pine Forest - Zirbenalm
    10.30 am, Main Office Skischule Obergurgl, Piccardweg 1, return approx. 3.30 pm
    ankle-high hiking boots, rainwear, food and drink
    adults € 7.00/children € 5.00 free for guests staying at Nature Park and Ötztal Premium Card Partner Hotels
    certified nature park hiking guide

    Ötztal Tourismus-Information Gurgl, T +43 (0)57200 100, at all Ötztal Information Offices or in your accommodation by Saturday 6.00 pm