• Hoher Stein Panoramic Spot
  • Hoher Stein Panoramic Spot

    Von 13-06-2019 bis 26-09-2019
    immer wöchentlich

    On the way to the splendid "Hoher Stein" vantage point our female nature guide will tell us interesting details about the history of Ötztal's beginnings. Many huge rockslides as well as natural catastrophes shaped this unique valley. At the very top - the magnificent vista point - scenic Längenfeld = "long field" nestles right at your feet. Get to know all the reathtaking peculiarities about this awe-inspiring place. Did you know that the largest rockslide of the Central Alps can be found close by? Ever heard of "Köfelsit" or even touched it with your hands? Join us on this truly exciting tour!


    intermediate hike
    (time 3 hrs, ↑↓ 435 Hm)

    Längenfeld/Au – Nößlach chapel – Hoher Stein - Wiesle – Längenfeld/Au
    09.15 am, Ötztal Tourismus-Information Längenfeld, return approx. 2.30 pm
    ankle-high hiking boots, rainwear, food and drink
    adults € 7.00/children € 5.00 free for guests staying at Nature Park and Ötztal Premium Card Partner Hotels | Extra fee: Bus Längenfeld – Au (return ride), check bus rates, free for Ötztal Premium Card und Ötztal Card holders
    certified nature park hiking guide

    Ötztal Tourismus-Information Längenfeld, T +43 (0)57200 300, at all Ötztal Information Offices, at your accommodation by Wednesday 6.00 pm