• Lake Peerler See
  • Lake Peerler See

    Von 20-06-2019 bis 26-09-2019
    immer wöchentlich

    This high-elevation hike travels above Sölden along incredibly green pasturelands and high Alpine cirques to unrivaled Lake Peerler See. Take a glimpse of mighty Wildspitze peak, Brunnenkogelhaus or Hochstubai Hütte and you will soon recognize that this a "superlative" hike when it comes to panoramic views. Similar to the highly researched Schwarzsee lake, Peerler See is a natural book of history. Sediments on the lake ground provide us with interesting climatic facts dating back some 10,000 years. A real high Alpine gem with glorious mountains to fall in love with.


    intermediate hike
    (time: 6 hrs, ↑ 500 m ↓ 1000 m)

    bus to Hochsölden - Dr. Bachmannweg – Peeler See – Hochwald – bus to Sölden
    8.20 am, Ötztal Tourismus–Information Sölden, return approx. 4.30 pm
    ankle-high hiking boots, rainwear, food and drink
    adults € 7.00/children € 5.00 free for guests staying at Nature Park and Ötztal Premium Card Partner Hotels | Extra fee: Sölden-Hochsölden + Hochwald-Sölden bus (check bus rates) free for Ötztal Premium Card and Ötztal Card holders
    certified nature park hiking guide

    Ötztal Tourismus-Information Sölden, T +43 (0)57200 200, at all Ötztal Information Offices, in your accommodation by Wednesday 6.00 pm