• Miracle Fiber
  • Miracle Fiber

    Von 13-06-2019 bis 17-10-2019
    immer wöchentlich

    As soon as in 1950 the Ötztal Sheep Wool center started to process local wool by manufacturing top-quality products. In the course of this wonderful guided tour visitors get an insight into the whole manufacturing cycle, from the raw material delivered by local sheep farmers to fine woolen products. Additionally, the tour focuses also on the longstanding history of flax and sheep wool processing in the Ötztal. Questions welcome!


    guided tour of sheep wool center

    2.00 pm, Umhausen, Ötztaler Schafwollzentrum Regensburger (Lehnpuit 2-4), Duration 45 min
    € 3.00 per person (free for children), free for guests staying at Nature Park Partner Hotels
    Joachim REGENSBURGER, Ötztaler Schafwollzentrum

    Ötztaler Schafwollzentrum T +43 (0)5255 5293, Ötztal Tourismus-Informationen Umhausen & Niederthai T +43 (0)57200 400, at all Ötztal Information Offices or in your accommodation by Wednesday 6.00 pm