• Peaceful Side Valley
  • Peaceful Side Valley

    Von 04-06-2019 bis 01-10-2019
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    An idyllic path travels through century old larch woods up to Grastal, a fabulous secluded Alpine side valley forking-off towards the south. You walk uphill until you reach the rear end of Grastal valley. At splendid Mahdeben ridge you continue further towards Brand summit towering high above Niederthai. Here you enjoy awe-inspiring views of the ancient rockslide area, the mountain peaks and the lower valley. With a bit of luck you can watch a black grouse or rock ptarmigan in their natural habitat, two protected Alpine species living beyond the treeline. The best time for this scenic hiking tour is the Alpine rose flowering season - promising peace and silence to the fore.


    intermediate hike
    (time: 6 hrs, ↑↓780 m)

    Niederthai - Grastal – Mahdeben – Brand - Niederthai
    09.00 am, Ötztal Tourismus-Information Niederthai, Return approx. 4.00 pm
    ankle-high hiking boots, rainwear, food and drink
    adults € 7.00/children € 5.00, free for guests staying at Nature Park and Ötztal Premium Card Partner Hotels
    certified nature park hiking guide

    Ötztal Tourismus-Information Umhausen - Niederthai, T +43 (0)57200 400, at all Ötztal Information Offices or in your accommodation by Monday 6.00 pm