• Watching the stars
  • Watching the stars

    Von 13-09-2019 bis 13-09-2019

    A real treat for all senses are the star photos of Dr. med. Norbert Span! We start this evening with a selection of his photos. But most of the time we will spend outdoors and watch the objects of our desire! Observations with the naked eye, guided by our expert, will take us to the most important signs of the zodiac and planets visible in the evening - including Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn. Later we "zoom in" the moon details with the help of a telescope by magnifying also the previously discovered planets, entire galaxies, gas nebulae or even supernovas! An evening of superlatives - a highlight not to be missed! Special tip: novice night sky photographers can take home some useful advice...


    lecture in German and observation of the sky

    8.00 pm Niederthai, Gasthaus Bichl, Duration approx. 2.5 hours
    warm colothes, seat pad
    adults € 7.00/children € 5.00 free for guests staying at Nature Park Partner Hotels
    Dr. Norbert SPAN

    Ötztal Tourismus – Information Umhausen – Niederthai, T +43 (0)57200 400, at all Ötztal Information Offices or in your accommodation by Thursday (6.00 pm)