• Flower Paradise – Platter Gruebe
  • Flower Paradise – Platter Gruebe

    Von 10-06-2022 bis 07-10-2022
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    An insiders’ tip: We hike to one of the most beautiful vantage points high above Huben. The biodiversity of flowers and herbs is striking on this hike. Therefore, we will devote our full attention to the many fragrant HERBS and colourful FLOWERS. Houseleek, arnica, yarrow, thyme, St. John’s wort, ribwort and countless more are our constant companions today. From our hiking guide you will learn about specific properties of the herbs, she will tell you interesting stories and give you tips for the use of the flowers and herbs. Having arrived on the Platter Gruebe, we will enjoy a long break and recharge with the provisions from our rucksack. The fantastic panoramic view is included – be surprised …


    intermediate hike
    (time 5 hrs., elev. gain/loss: 680 Hm)

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    Längenfeld – taxi to Huben – Platter Grube – Burgstein - suspension bridge - Brand - Längenfeld
    Meeting point
    9:00 a.m., Ötztal Tourismus – Längenfeld information office
    ankle-high hiking boots, rain gear, provisions
    adults €15.00/ children (7-14 years) €10.00, free for guests of Nature Park partner businesses and holders of the Ötztal Inside Summer Card

    book directly, www.oetztal.com/experiences, at your accommodation, at the Ötztal Tourismus information offices, info@oetztal.com, T+43 (0)57200-0, registration deadline: previous evening (6:00 p.m.)