Farming products and direct marketers

For our nature and quality of life!

When going shopping, we now come across garlic from China, onions from Australia and lamb from New Zealand. And some “market experts” want to make us believe that the transport is no problem, that the products are not available in Tirol, that the quality is special, etc.


At the same time, here in Tirol we still have well-structured agriculture, committed people have started initiatives for marketing specialties typical of the valley and there is talk of sustainability. 

ÖTZTAL NATURE PARK and the Tirolean environmental advocacy want to set an initiative, an active step. And that’s how the brochure "Eppas Guets" came about, which aims to help you put Ötztal specialties back on your plates at home again.


In addition, we want to present the farming products and direct marketers in ÖTZTAL NATURE PARK online here: