Nature park partner businesses

Cooperation with the accommodation providers in Ötztal is very important to ÖTZTAL NATURE PARK. In order to further step up this cooperation, the work group “nature park partner businesses” was established. The aim of this cooperation is to address in particular small and medium-sized businesses in the valley, who want to help back the ideals and philosophy of the nature park. Furthermore, these businesses should also use products from the valley if possible. Nature park partner businesses are strongly supported by ÖTZTAL NATURE PARK and enjoy a number of tangible benefits. Guests of the nature park partner businesses can use the entire summer hiking programme in the valley (from June to October up to 19 hikes per week and 15 individual events) as well as the winter programme for free.

Nature park partner businesses meet certain criteria coordinated throughout Tirol as well as environmental and quality standards (PDF - nature park partner businesses - criteria, services, quality assurance) and pay an annual bed fee of €16/bed.


Still have questions?

please directly to Thomas Schmarda T 0664 1210350

How do I become an NP-partner business?
1. Expression of interest
2. Individual consultation in the business
3. Signing the cooperation agreement
4. Certification (by means of badge, certificate), information material, book corner, etc.
5. Use of the extensive summer and winter
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For our nature and quality of life!

Our partner businesses


Successful holidays thrive on the nature the surroundings in which guests can feel at home. Our Nature Park partner businesses combine sustainability and comfort and share the ideals and the philosophy of the Nature Park. From hotels to farm holiday providers, from private room rentals and guesthouse operators to snack stations – all our partners have one thing in common: their hearts beat for their guests and their work, for their homeland and for the nature, for our unique cultural landscape and the Ötztal Nature Park.

Advantages for guests of Nature Park partners:

  • reduced admission to the Nature Park House
  • free guided hikes
  • free guided snowshoe tours
  • free admission to events
  • free admission to lectures