Code of conduct in the nature park

Respect & consideration are the keywords – move about in Ötztal nature park with respect and consideration for the needs of animals and plants, but also those of the other visitors – the following rules for conduct in Ötztal nature park are to be observed (see pictographs). 


You are in nature – move about under your own steam. Non-public roads and paths of the nature park may only be driven on for supplying huts and lodges and for purposes of farming and forestry.


Lodges and camping sites provide overnight accommodation – make use of these! Camping is only allowed on designated camping sites.


As a visitor of the nature park, you are a silent observer. The animals must not feel threatened. All plants and stones belong here and must not be picked or taken away. The animals and plants of the nature park are protected. In order to protect nature, no mushrooms, berries or other plant species must be picked. The animals of the nature park should also not be disturbed in their natural surroundings. Cleanliness and purity distinguish the nature park. Please help us keep it that way!


Clear and clean landscapes make up the beauty of the nature park. So please do not leave any rubbish behind when visiting!


Respect the work of the farmers and be considerate of their property! By being considerate of their meadows (no resting), lodges and fences as well as closing any gates behind you will help preserve the unique cultural landscape of Ötztal.


Listen to nature and enjoy the quiet of the nature park. You stand in the natural habitats of countless creatures. Any noise will disturb and frighten the animals.


Dogs also have an effect on nature. So your four-legged friend should stay by your side and not be let running free and out of your sight.


The paths of the nature park are intended for visitors. For your own safety and the well-being of the animals, do not leave the marked paths!



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