Nature park structures Ötztal

"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come." (Victor Hugo)


Based on a joint initiative by Ötztal Tourism, the Ötztal municipalities and the state of Tirol, the structures of the nature park have now been expanded by putting up three-dimensional stations at various locations. Now a total of seven stations (Infopoint Ambach, Infopoint Niederthai, Infopoint Gries, Infopoint Vent, Infopoint Hohe Mut, Infopoint habitat Windachtal) present location-specific characteristics.

The new nature park house in Längenfeld serves as an information hub and centre of competence for Ötztal nature. The individual shapes and distinct materials are derived directly from the surrounding landscape. The information and explanations shown also pick up on phenomena which can be directly observed in the immediate vicinity.

We invite everyone to explore these new structures by themselves, wish you interesting experiences and thank you for enjoying the Ötztal nature with care and responsibility.