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ÖTZTAL NATURE PARK as an umbrella covers a network of protected areas in Ötztal Valley. It extends from the valley floor all the way up into alpine and high alpine terrain shaped by glaciers. The highest point is the Ötztal Wildspitze with 3,774 m. The mountain villages Vent (cradle of the Alpine Association) and Obergurgl (Tirol’s highest church village) as well as Niederthai/Umhausen and Gries/Längenfeld are located in the heart of ÖTZTAL NATURE PARK and are ideal starting points for exploring the area.

The new Nature Park House in Längenfeld serves as an information hub and centre of competence for the Ötztal nature. On just under 300m² of exhibition space, the unique natural diversity of Ötztal is showcased with all its special features, using multimedia and state-of-the-art exhibits. In addition to bilingual (DE/EN) information boards, the content is made accessible by means of sensory input, e.g. using audio stations, touchscreens, VR-headsets, holograms and digital mural reliefs.

Visitors are also invited to explore a further six nature park infopoints in the valley: Ambach (in the Infopoint of Ötztal Tourism), Niederthai (parking lot Horlachtal), Gries (parking lot Amberger Hütte), Sölden (Showcase mile), Obergurgl (Hohe Mut Alm) and Vent (Widum entrance). The individual shapes and distinct materials are derived directly from the surrounding landscape. The information and explanations presented also pick up on natural history characteristics, which can be observed directly in the immediate vicinity.


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