Greenstone “Am Beilstein” – archeological excavation

Human activities date back to more than 9,000 years ago at the Beilstein site, which is 3,500 years before Ötzi, the iceman from the Tisenjoch, roamed these mountains. Remains of a fireplace with charcoal and chert (silex) are indications for the use of the site just after the last ice age ended about 10,000 years ago.

Because of the ideal location of the site, “Beilstein” was first used as a camp for hunting. When exactly the first shepherds stayed there with their cattle is unknown. The hut at the pasture from the 12th and 17th century AD was used as a residence and storage room for hay (“Pille”) up until the 20th century. “Beilstein” is the most researched archeological site of the alpine region in this area.