Kärntner Tauernblümchen

(Lomatogonium carinthiacum)



This species is at home in the mountains of Europe and Asia. In Austria (also in Ötztal) the species is rare, but frequently occurs locally. Its habitats are gaps in shortgrassed grazing turf, Bellardi bog sedge turfs and temporarily flooded, sandy, somewhat grassed alluviums (“wet soil”) of glacial streams. It is found from the upper montane to alpine level above the tree line.



The plant height is 1-12cm. The square stalk is often branched out from the soil and leafed ovate to lanceolate. Not until between August and October do the pale blue, about 1 cm large flowers appear.


Special features

The Carinthian Tauernfloret is annual, a rarity in the Alpine level. The seeds are dispersed by the wind. Germination apparently requires low temperatures, which is why this takes place irregularly and in some years no plants are found at all. The blossoms open only once and then for just a few hours!



In the main distribution areas, this species is barely endangered. In Switzerland it reaches its Western distribution limit, and is on the red list here.



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