Biodiversity & Environmental protection

It’s getting colourful around the NATUR PARK House in Längenfeld!

This year, species richness around the NATURE PARK HPOUSE is given a leg up. Our mission is a part of the educational initiative “Biodiversity & Environmental Education” of the five Tyrolean Nature Parks.

Ideally, the NATURE PARK HOUSE in Längenfeld should not only attract curious visitors but just as many bees, butterflies and other useful/valuable insects as possible. In order to achieve a lot of humming, swarming, and crawling around the NATURE PARK HOUSE, nature-focused areas are being created with the support of the Nature Park Schools: The Secondary School Längenfeld and the Elementary School Längenfeld.

Construction work was already completed and the Nature Park Schools’ pupils have already laid bricks, planted and sown seeds on an area of 200 m2.

A special “Thank you” goes to the municipality of Längenfeld and its staff for the useful support and the great construction work.

What’s the point?

  • Increasing structural diversity and species richness
  • Creating nature-focused, insect-friendly areas
  • “Tyrolean Flower Meadow” with regional seeds: service station for insects
  • Forest-flower bed with typical forest species
  • Deadwood as hiding spots and habitat for snails, millipedes, worms, spiders, woodlice, bugs, and many more…
  • “Lizard Castles” as habitats for reptiles (lizards, slowworms) and hiding spots for toads, frogs, and insects
  • Stonewall – between its rocks, bumblebees can nest, butterflies can pupate, spiders and bugs can hunt, ants can build their formicary, and much more

From now on it’s “watch and observe how everything grows and thrives”, and soon there will be humming, swarming and crawling all over the place.


First impressions


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1 Flowery Welcome

1.1 Tyrolean Flower Meadow
1.2 Lizard-Castle
1.3 Stone-pyramid
1.4 Bench with a view

2 Enchanted trail
2.1 Forestal flowers as companions
2.2 Flowery seating area
2.3 Stonewall


With support from the federal government, the state of Tyrol and the European Union