Nature park partner businesses Marketing cooperation

A project for promoting and preserving local direct marketing With the project at hand, Ötztal nature park wants to initiate the development and support of an effective trend towards more regionality in Ötztal. By guests in particular being delighted with the regional products and this also increasing the demand for local goods, the Ötztal tourism businesses will also show greater interest in buying local quality and thus contribute to preserving the Ötztal agriculture (and with that ultimately also the cultural landscape) and handicraft businesses.

As a second main objective of this cooperation, the implementation of targeted marketing activities for the participating 35 nature park partner businesses in cooperation with Ötztal tourism as a higher organisation is pursued with the relevant marketing knowhow.

The main focus of the marketing cooperation is on promoting regionality and direct marketing in the valley, using the following activities:


  • Book of vouchers: is given to guests of the participating nature park partner businesses. This gives them discounts at selected lodges, at regional producers of foodstuffs and at Ötztal handicraft businesses
  • advertising material of the participating nature park partner businesses for external promotion: with this the participating nature park partner establishments are promoted as a joint group in the market (digitally and analogue).
  • Classic marketing campaign: the participating nature park partner establishments are promoted by means of newsletters and advertisements in target- group-specific magazines.
  • Eppas Guets-Folder: The folder „Eppas Guets – farming products and direct marketer in Ötztal nature park” is updated and translated into English