Swiss Pine forest Obergurgl

The Swiss Pine forest of Obergurgl (1950 m - 2100 m) is an intact 20 hectares (ca. 50 acres) forest of Swiss Pines and includes some individual pines more than 300 years old: a true rarity. It’s because of its uniqueness that it was designated as a National Monument in 1963.

In the 1880’s a forest fire nearly destroyed this jewel. The older trees, which survived, now stand side-by-side with the fresh young growth – a true multi-generational forest. Within the forest one can find an amazing diversity of life poking out from holes and hidden among the fallen leaves. Keep your senses awake to the smells, sights, sounds, and textures around you to discover this hidden jewel.

The Obergurgl Swiss Pine forest is part of the UNESCO biosphere park “Gurgler Kamm2. The 2.1 km interpretive trail will guide you through the impressive forest.

Die Zirmgratsche
Der Tannenhäher, auch "Zirmgratsche" genannt, ist der wichtigste Kamerad der Zirbe, der die Besucher durch den 2,1 km Rundweg führt (ca. 150 Höhenmeter).