Ötztal Nature Park has a large archive of literature and photo material. All publications and pictures relevant to the Nature Park are documented and made available. In addition to being available for internal use for publications and press releases, both archives are open to the public upon request. Both are continually updated.

Literary archive

Being up-to-date on literature concerning nature in the Ötz valley is essential for conservation work. Hence, the Ötztal Nature Park had all the available literature catalogued as a first step. In this bilbliography, more than 1500 references on natural and cultural topics relevant to the Ötztal Nature Park were identified. “Grey” literature (like meeting minutes) was first accounted for. As a second step, the collection of recent literature has been completed. The literary archive documents the variety of available knowledge concerning nature in the Ötz valley. This information is now more easily accessible to the public as well as to the experts. The literature can be viewed and photocopied at the Nature Park office (lending out is not possible).

Photo archive

The digital photo archive numbers over 1000 pictures. The available material includes close-ups of typical local plants, animals and habitats as well as scenic panoramas and action shots. The pictures are primarily used by the Nature Park (for publications, etc.). Upon request, pictures may be used under certain conditions.