Ötzi-village & Ötztal raptor park

The Ötzi-village is an archaeological open-air Park, aiming to illustrate "life, dwelling and farming in the Neolithic Age” in the time of Ötzi. Visitors can immerse themselves into the world of Ötzi, actively participate in guided tours or explore the terrain by themselves. Special courses for children / youth such as a Stone Age day, making flintstone knives, crafting amulets, or archery complete the wide range of options. The Ötzi-village is open from May to October. Right next to the Ötzi-village lies Ötztal raptor park. On the around 5000 m² large, barrier-free area at the foot of Stuibenfall, numerous bird species, such as vultures, eagles, kites, owls, falcons, buzzards, ravens, etc. find their new home.


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