Rock climbing is a fascinating and popular sport – the climbing virus has infected the Ötz valley with its incredible granite rock, and the valley indeed has a lot to offer in terms of rock climbing. Climbs range from easily accessible sites down in the valley to hidden areas that require a bit more time and energy to reach. Some climbing areas are situated directly within the Nature Park while others are on the Park boundaries.

Ötztal Nature Park supports rock climbing as it is a sport closely tied to nature; however, because of its popularity, areas of conflict between climbers and nature may arise. In order to prevent these incidents, we urge climbers to conform to the following simple rules in the climbing areas:

  • Use the parking lots as indicated
  • Use indicated trails to access areas
  • Avoid unnecessary noise
  • Carry out your own trash
  • Camp only in designated areas

The climbing areas in the Ötz valley are currently being relabeled in the course of a communal project in cooperation with the Ötztal board of tourism. Ötztal Nature Park is providing the environmental information for this project.

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