Archeological trails between North & South Tyrol

Ancient corridors connect the North to the South. The sensational discovery of the “man from the Tisenjoch” has sparked the search for traces of human activity in high altitude regions; however long before “Ötzi,” humans have inhabited the area. Recent scientific discoveries give evidence of this.

In a cross-border project, organizational partners in North and South Tyrol have developed 17 archeological trail suggestions and a collection of information titled, “Following the footsteps of the Iceman.” Detailed route information, elevation profile, literature tips, colored photos, and local knowledge concerning nature and culture can be found within.

Die archäologischen Fundstellen wurden im Gelände mit dreisprachigen (dt./engl./it.) Kupferstelen ausgestatten. Darauf sind naturkundliche und kulturhistorische Besonderheiten beschrieben.