The miners’ trail “Knappenweg” in Kühtai – Ochsengarten – Hochötz

Today it is unthinkable but earlier it paid off to mine in this high alpine terrain. For over 350 years, up to 450 miners mined at 2,500 m above sea level for copper, lead and pyrite ore. In the stamp mill „Pochermühle,“ iron was ground and transported to be smelted at the black smith near Ambach in the Ötz valley. The miners’ trail or “Knappenweg” takes the visitor back to the peak of alpine mining and details the difficult and courageous lives of the miners.

The miners’ house or “Knappenhaus” along with the stamp mill or “Pochermühle” and a sifting machine were reconstructed at their original location in the Wörge valley. One can find a small museum dedicated to mountain mining (only open for guided tours) and a shelter for hikers inside. Find more information at (German)


  • Mountain mining 350 years ago
  • Miners’ knowledge
  • Miners’ cabin with antique stamp mill “Pochwerk”