Varied landscape, impressive rockscapes and green alpine meadows entice to enjoy unique experiences of nature.

In 12 stages the Ötztaler Urweg leads from the valley across rivers and meadows time and again, up to scenic higher altitudes. Like a ribbon it winds its way back and forth between the villages on the valley floor and the wild and romantic mountain villages on the sunny side. From the lower start of the valley, adorned by sun yellow field flowers, all the way to the highest located church village of Vent at 1,930 m, the trail leads into the valley. Right inside the valley, so close to the glaciers, the trail brings you up close with the giant mountains at more than 3,000 m, such as Wildspitze or Similaun, the true stars in Ötztal. On the way back you descend into climatically more favourable elevations and fertile soil, where fruit is grown. 

The hiking trail can be started from any village, sufficient parking is available. For the way back, a very good bus network is available! 


NOTE: Due to rock blasting in a quarry, the trail section from the underpass at Winkle to Huben has been closed for safety reasons! Alternatively, we recommend the bypass route along the B186 from Winkle to Huben!

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