Winklerberg geological trail

The easily accessible geological trail in Winklerberg leads through an idyllic and diverse landscape formed by the largest rock slide in the Central Alps which came down with an unbelievable roar about 8,000 years ago and blocked off the entire Ötz valley.

A lake formed behind the slide and after it broke free, it created the fertile ground surrounding Längenfeld. In addition to the geological information, one can also learn about the animal world of the Ötz valley. The trail ends at a fun-filled water playground in Winkelboden. Point of departure: Winkeln – parking lot near the bridge over the Ache Walking time: ca. 2-3 hours 11 interpretive signs with geological information and many mounted animals in glass cases. Elevation change: 100 m Difficulty: easy, ideal for children


  • Lifecycle of stones
  • Ground water
  • Mountain water
  • Geological maps of the area from Längenfeld
  • Chronological and geological events in Ötz valley
  • Formation of granite
  • Hydropower project “Speicher” in Längenfeld
  • Erosion
  • Components of the Earth’s crust
  • Deformation of stones
  • Geological mass movements