Swiss Pine forest Obergurgl

The Swiss Pine forest of Obergurgl (1950 m - 2100 m) is an intact 20 hectares (ca. 50 acres) forest of Swiss Pines and includes some individual pines more than 300 years old: a true rarity. It’s because of its uniqueness that it was designated as a National Monument in 1963.


  • The dwarf shrubs: small but hearty
  • Feathered friends and their special deliveries: birds of the pine forest
  • Alpine extremists: lichens
  • Children of the ice age: marshes
  • 1000 year old farm rooms: pines
  • Near and far: glacial movement
  • Temptations and dangers of the alpine sun
  • Small worlds, big people: Gurgler stories and history
  • Life without a spine: invertebrates
  • Where milk and water run: the glacial beds
  • Gurgler apes, bears and cats: marmots