Via Alpina – Discover the Alps

Via Alpina is an international long-distance trail that follows a well-marked route through the 8 countries of the alpine region. The route leads the hiker from Trieste, Italy, via Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and France to Monaco. The journey, which consists of about 342 day hikes in 5 sections, offers the adventurous soul a voyage through the largest natural area in Europe. Along it you will encounter the cradle of alpinism and habitats of a unique flora and fauna.

The highest point of the 5,000 km long Via Alpina is the Niederjoch (3,019 m) south of Vent in the heart of Ötztal Nature Park. The project Via Alpina is aimed at improving the quality of regional trails and infrastructure and is hence contributing to the regional development as well as fostering respect of nature. Via Alpina was funded by the European initiative INTERREG IIIB in the alpine region and connects more than 40 Nature and National Parks in the alps.

For the section crossing the Ötztal alps, there is a brochure with background information on the local flora and fauna available at Ötztal Nature Park. Several leaflets (in German and English) have been published. Find out more on all sections at