• Agriculture quo vadis YESTERDAY - TODAY - TOMORROW
  • Agriculture quo vadis YESTERDAY - TODAY - TOMORROW

    Von 12-07-2024 bis 12-07-2024

    Which historical economic practices shaped the cultivated landscape in the Ötztal valley? Chronicler Walter Falkner provides information as we hike to the snack station on the Farst. The farm at almost 1,500 m was farmed without road access until 1980-1985. We find out from the Falkner family how the laborious farmwork was carried out back then compared to today. Perhaps the most important question, however, concerns the future: Are there scenarios in which alpine pastures and agriculture in mountaineous areas are sustainable, despite bureaucratic hurdles, a lack of laborers and the return of large predators? Does this require radical rethinking? Does managed pasture farming offer opportunities for agriculture and biodiversity alike? Visionary Thomas Schranz shares his insights with us...


    Easy hike

    Meeting point
    3:00 p.m., Umhausen, parking Zentrum, return: 8:00 p.m.
    clothing appropriate to the weather, rain and sun protection
    donations welcome
    Walter FALKNER, chronicler Niederthai Thomas SCHRANZ (visionary, landscaper with a focus on nature)

    www.oetztal.com/experiences, guests of nature park partner businesses: book at the reception of your accommodation, registration deadline: Wednesday (5:00 p.m.)