• Exhibition Rough times for wild grouse
  • Exhibition Rough times for wild grouse

    Von 10-06-2024 bis 12-10-2024

    The stars of this fascinating exhibition are the four species of grouse found in the Ötztal: the ptarmigan, black grouse, hazel grouse and capercaillie. Their lifestyles in sometimes extreme habitats are presented in an informative, demonstrative and playful way. Suitable for young and old, for mountain experts and mountain newbies. If you don't know what stomach stones and umbrella species are, or where the name grouse comes from, this exhibition provides answers for you. Mountain life at the limit with ptarmigan and co.

    The exhibition is being shown as part of this year's nature park annual focus "Sustainability - Biodiversity" and draws attention to all endangered animal and plant species in the Ötztal.



    Meeting point
    Naturpark Haus in Längenfeld