• In the realm of butterflies
  • In the realm of butterflies

    Von 05-07-2024 bis 05-07-2024

    L8 Treasures Family HikeL


    Along the path from Niederthai towards Larstigalm we discover different plants and habitats, such as meadows for hay-making, dry stone walls, forest clearings and wet areas that are particularly important for butterflies.

    Our butterfly expert Karel Cerny will identify the butterflies that we’ll hopefully catch with our insect nets to study them up close. Of course we will net them carefully and only from the edge of the meadows, as the preservation of the agricultural meadows is essential for the continued existence of the fluttering beauties!

    Where do you think we’ll find most butterflies? On hay meadows, moist meadow areas, forest edges, intensively-farmed meadows or in the shade? Come and find out with us!


    8 Treasures Family Hike (walking time 100 min.  ↑↓ 350m)

    The event only takes place in good weather.

    min. 3 - max. 20 people

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    Niederthai - Larstigalm - Niederthai
    Meeting point
    10.00 a.m. Niederthai Sennhof, (H) Niederthai Sennhof, (P€) Niederthai Sennhof, RETURN: approx. 1.00 p.m.
    clothing appropriate fort he weather, snack and beverage, we will provide the insect nets
    €10.00 per person; free for guests of NATURE PARK ÖTZTAL partner businesses and with the Summer Card
    Dr. Karel Cerny (biologist, butterfly exper)

    www.oetztal.com/experiences guests of nature park partner businesses:

    book at the reception of your accommodation

    registration deadline: evening before (5:00 p.m.)