• Reed Mowing at Lake Piburg
  • Reed Mowing at Lake Piburg

    Von 07-11-2024 bis 07-11-2024

    We must remove the nutrients from Lake Piburg!

    The nutrients at the bottom of Lake Piburg have been present for decades. Unfortunately, due to rising temperatures and changes in water circulation, they are causing increasing difficulties for the lake. If the nutrients are distributed throughout the water body, a real algae bloom can occur.

    This must be prevented at all cost. The aim is to achieve a gradual reduction in nutrients in the lake over the next few years. By cutting and disposing of the plant material that decomposes from the reed belt in autumn, the nutrients stored in the plants are removed, thereby achieving a small step towards better water quality for Lake Piburg.

    Nutrient balance negative - water quality positive - be there and help!


    [i Ö] - Volunteer campaign 2024 -

    work for to reduce the nutrient density of Lake Piburg

    min. 3 people

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    Piburg - Lake Piburg - Piburg
    Meeting point
    10:00 a.m., Oetz/ Piburg, (H) Hotel Seerose, (P€) Hotel Seerose, DURATION: until about 3 p.m. or as long as we can manage
    weather-appropriate clothing, sturdy shoes, long trousers, work gloves (if available)
    FREE – registration required! The nature park says thank you by providing a luncheon!
    Mag. Brigitte Oberweger, biologist, nature park employee


    registration deadline: evening before (5:00 p.m.)