• Stargazing
  • Stargazing

    Von 03-09-2024 bis 03-09-2024


    Our stargazing evening guided by stargazing coach Marianne Götsch will provide you with the basic tools to recognize popular constellations, and to use stars for navigation at night. We will learn interesting details about select constellations, their historic origin in Greek mythology, and discuss questions which are also relevant for the presence:

    Does modern society find value in a “dark” night, given that navigation is possible without stars, e.g. by using modern satellite technology? What is light pollution and how does this phenomenon impact our minds and bodies? An evening of star gazing with a slightly different approach…

    If stargazing is not possible due to weather conditions, the entire event will take place in the seminar room at Hotel Venter Bergwelt as a constellation workshop.

    Event as part of VENT UNPLUGGED!


    lecture (in German) and stargazing (if the sky is clear)

    Min. 3 people

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    Meeting point
    9:30 p.m., Vent, Ötztal Tourismus – Vent information office, (H) Vent – Hotel Kleon, DURATION: Approx. 2.5 hours
    warm clothes, seat pad (optional), red light headlamp or torch, binoculars (can be rented)
    FREE – registration required! event as part of VENT UNPLUGGED
    DIin Marianne GÖTSCH, nature guide, stargazing coach


    registration deadline: evening before (5:00 p.m.)