Sheep create life

True to the Nature Park’s motto in 2022 “Cultural landscapes create life” and representative of the extensive form of farming close to nature, this year’s spe-cial exhibition with the name “Sheep create life” is dedicated to the important topic of sheep farming in the Ötztal and the centuries-old tradition of the trans-humance. In addition, the beneficial connection between biodiversity and sus-tainable management of alpine pastures is addressed, the biological value of cul-tural landscape elements such as dry stone walls is demonstrated and the re-gionality of products from the valley is presented.

Well worth seeing

©pro vita alpina - Florentine Prantl


Tuesday – Saturday
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



at the southern end of Längenfeld at the B 186 road (left into the valley)

Naturpark House
Oberlängenfeld 142
6444 Längenfeld
T +43 (0)5253 20201

GPS 47°03‘53.7“N 10°58‘05.5“E

Free parking!

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Video Wechselausstellung

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